Management Team

Microenterprise and Financial Inclusion Associates is a network of practitioners in the industry committed to expanding Financial Inclusion and Development.The movers are committed to providing a forum for sharing and information exchange as well as providing resources and materials for furthering industry program work.

 The convener’s are:

  Mr. George Okeyo is a Value Chain and Enterprise Development Practitioner. He is currently the Acting Business Services Manager at Micro Enterprises Support Programme Trust (MESPT). He holds BSc and MSc in Food Science and MA in Project Planning and Management. He also holds Diploma in Enterprise Development through Value Chains and Business Service Markets from ILO International Training Centre; and Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Agricultural Industry from   Danish Agricultural Advisory Service. He is a certified monitoring and evaluation professional with over 12 years’ experience cutting across various disciplines including managing donor funded projects, contracting procedures for EU external actions, value chain development, Project planning and Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Research and Information Dissemination, Enterprise development, organizational development, private sector experience, Food Processing and Handling, Food safety standards/regulations and agricultural technologies transfer. He has proven experience in designing, identification and evaluating projects targeting micro and small enterprises having managed an EU funded Assistance to Small and Micro Enterprises Programme and currently overseeing projects in three outputs of the DANIDA funded Business Sector Programme Support II (BSPS 2) Component 2.